No matter who you are, a major CEO, small business owner or freelancer, managing your stress proactively & productively isn’t easy.

At Dreamboat we pride ourselves on helping you de-stress in the most productive ways to be able to achieve more with less.

Our business is designed to provide you a safe and secure place to really talk about your stresses and find productive ways to manage & remove them as well as with taking simple steps to improve your performance at the same time.

We’re not ones to blow our own sails… but some of our favourite quotes are:

“Oh my god I’m sleeping so much better”

“I feel so much more in control”

“I almost feel more whole as a person now”

“Thank god - I can see my whole future so clearly now”

“I am just so excited now, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you”

We help you manage your stress proactively by helping you:

Discuss and uncover what’s really causing your issues

Helping to think through ways to remove them

Understand what it is that you really want

Focus on those things you’re truly great at

Get back to the most important things in your life

And how to take simple steps to get where you want to go


Putting it bluntly - by working with us you’ll get:

A much simpler and more relaxed life

A clearer head

More time spent on the things that matter

More success


A clearer, more productive roadmap for the future too.


We’re all about helping you process stress to achieve more success.

With us you can really talk about everything because we aren’t related in any way to your work as team member, colleague or part of your network.

That said we aren’t part of your personal network either so if and when that stuff crops up and impacts you at work we can discuss that in total honesty too.

We only want to help you optimise your own performance by clearing your head into the perfect outlet, safe and secure.

You’ll be amazed how you feel and what comes out when you have such a place.

We are here to work with you in three typical styles:

On the emails as you need - over weekends and late at night etc

On the phone as you need

And on the phone at regular intervals

Depending on what you need and what’s going to work best for you and your busy life we can set up the best systems for you.

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