So you want to know about our packages already? I mean it's a bit forward but I guess it's OK to window shop now isn't it.

What you'll find below are packages to meet your needs. All you need to do is figure out who you are and give us a call.


The graeme - $300+GST a month - fortnightly consults

If you're just getting started either on the side, or are a bit worried about cashflow this is the package for you.

Your main issues are getting clients, ensuring they are paying properly and trying to do it all reasonably efficiently. We hope you haven't lulled yourself into a sense of "this is just going to take a long time and it's OK" because with the right advice, you'll be clear on your value, your strategy and your marketing so you get the work you want and get paid appropriately too.

Ultimately we want to help you start building processes and a team in order to really move to the next level but this will take a bit of massaging your strategy and helping you do more of what you're great at rather than wanting to help everyone in every way.


the jane - $600+GST a month - weekly consults

You're more than fully committed to your business but don't have the best marketing because you're not entirely sure what to say and it's a real balancing act between what you can do and what time you have.

You might have a team going and running around like a headless chook or just trying to keep it all together and not cook yourself in the process. Sometimes marketing is the issue but just as likely growing is about helping you have the time and clarity to actually talk to the market in the right way on a regular basis.

We'll help you do just that with weekly consults to manage your s%^ and find clarity all at the same time.


The pete - $1200+GST a month - weekly consults + analysis

So big honcho - you're pretty much off the tools now ;) congrats!

Your marketing is up and running, going pretty well actually but you want to make it better probably because it's a bit lacking in some area but you're not entirely sure what. It's that itch you can't scratch and you need to keep improving because lord knows your competitors are.

People know you and come to you on a regular basis but there is more investigation required and ultimately you need help to really build your brand, your community and spend your dollars more wisely. 

We're here to help you do just that and bring that data together for you in a reliable unbiased manner that frankly you won't find anywhere else because were here to keep the bastards honest as they say ;)