Dreamboat's terms & conditions aren't that complicated right now.

We respect you and your business and expect the same in reverse.

We aren't responsible for you and your business but we are here to help.

We can't promise to turn you into a rockstar over night, but we can promise to help you as much as we can as fast as we can so that YOU achieve as much success as possible.

In terms of cancellation policies, we don't have a strict one other than the don't be a d%^& and "everyone be reasonable". If you're always trying to move your appointments last minute we'll either just let you go as a client or charge you for them on a 2 strikes basis.

Typically if you keep moving appointments it's a reflection you need more help to calm down in your business than you being super successful - because we don't define success as being flustered and out of control.

If you don't want help then that's fine to - just refer to our earlier "don't be a d%^& rule".

Yours Sincerely,

The Dreamboat Team.