When it's time for a CRM

So you're getting out there and starting to sell - that's great.

There's a bit of lead time that's actually required to see those sales come to fruition that's for sure so it can be a bit alienating a bit challenging and annoying that you can't see those sales turning dollar signs just yet.

It's not uncommon for people to find people that are starting to use a system such as an excel spreadsheet to manage their clients and potential clients which is wonderful but the challenge arises when they can't really forecast and prioritise what that pipeline of work is looking like.

Moving to a simple and yet reliable CRM system so you can start to see the patterns in the people you are talking to more clearly, so that you can see the pipeline starting to build and so that you can start to plan ahead is a great step to take.

Typically what occurs when you move to the CRM is that you realise all the potential clients that are out there for you, how many you could contact, how long that work is going to take to come through and when it might occur.

Because as we know - more often than not - your supply side is your biggest issue - simply starting to see this information allows you to plan ahead and think more clearly about that supply side of your business. You can start to make more time for the work you want and the work you need or look at the people and processes you have in place.

It's not uncommon for us to work with people on that supply side more than actually getting the demand in - because once they realise they have spare capacity filling it is rarely an issue.


Typical sessions at Dreamboat cost $150+GST per hour long session. 

Our New Business discount provides new businesses that have been operating for less than 2 years 20% off the price off all sessions booked within their first 2 months.

Our Introductory discount provides new clients 20% off sessions in their first month.

If you're clearly under stress then you can also get initial sessions for $60+GST for a month prior to getting started on the normal pricing.

After your first couple of sessions we recommend purchasing sessions in groups of at least 4 to lock in a regular time that is going to work for you on a regular basis to keep improving your business.

A session consists of 1 hours coaching, typically held on the hour.

We do provide some additional coaching & consulting via email and phone as required and appropriate as part of each session.

Our Beliefs

We believe that from an economic point of view everyone has their unique skills, experience and strategy but their biggest limitation is not understanding what those skills are and focussing on them.

We also believe that as much as you wish you could alter the market and bend it to your will the market is always right so the most important thing to do is understand what the market wants from you (by what they are / will already pay you to do), understand that, respect it and use it to move forward as fast as possible towards your own goals.

We believe that revenue is more important that fears about what the world thinks of you because if revenue comes from the world then you are focussed on the ones you can help and do help so that's really all that matters.

We also believe that the more you focus on that your confidence will grow to a healthy level as you remove the products and services that you either don't love, can't love or aren't right in your sweet spot.

As Warren Buffett says(ish) about baseball - wait for the balls that are right in your sweet spot. From an everyday business perspective the corollary here is keep finding your sweet spot, let the market guide it too and go and go and go from there. The more you hit balls in your sweet spot the easier it all becomes.

Your pricing will increase as you specialise, your margins will increase, your processes will improve as they streamline and your brain will calm down too as it's goes from juggling 10 spinning plates to the point you're just sitting eating dinner.

We believe that if everyone focusses on what they are great at there is room for everyone to be extremely successful. This doesn't mean everyone needs to run their own business all the time BTW. What it means is that the more that individuals move closer to their comparative and absolute advantage the better off they are and the world is too. At the same time though there is almost less competition not more because of the laser focus that occurs and there is more money floating around too.

About Us

Our mission is to provide efficient & effective one-one coaching to help small business owners improve their sales, their marketing and business development strategies.

Rather than providing "training" that is one to many where most people get sold the wrong solution - and the same goes for many service provers too as small business are uneducated and unskilled in marketing believing that most things will solve their own problems.

We believe that everyone who wants to should be able to run their own successful business and in doing so they will have a business that is built purely around their skills, passions, knowledge and unique perspectives. Ergo, they will have their own sales processes, marketing strategies and plans and BD strategies that are unique. It's our job to help them find more efficiency and effectiveness in how they spend their time and money to help them build the business of their dreams.

We provide this service with coaching sessions. Typically on a weekly basis although at other times fortnightly does occur.

According to our mission and vision we provide a small discount to initial clients so that they can get started with a bit more ease, especially if their business is very young.

Getting back to basics

It's not uncommon for people to build businesses that are way outside their core competencies and I know that at Dreamboat we go on about this a bit too much but the other thing that people do all too often is building businesses outside and too far away from their core processes.

Typically with small business this comes back to a process that takes their ideal client and produces great results, the best results but all too often people end up doing all sorts of work, for not ideal clients doing their not ideal process and what happens is either a total mess or at the very least a point of serious stagnation.

One great way to progress from there is to complete an exercise to review "if you were to start afresh today what would your business look like, how would it operate and what would you be doing in it." Sure it might sound like a bit of dreaming but the point is to figure out what you want to transition your business of today into over the coming months.

It's similar to a "management restructuring" process that Bain, BCG or some other management consultants would apply maybe even those slobs as McKinsey ;) but you are capable of completing that yourself almost for yourself with a bit of help.

Don't expect that process to happen overnight, not even in the initial "ideal business scenario" done properly it should take a few weeks, a few drafts and some helpful editing to ensure it's as clear as possible. But as you find that clarity you will literally start to see it transform into the business you desire which is the point right!

So what are you waiting for - get into it, get someone great to help you review it that does it every day wink wink nudge nudge and as they say Robert will be your mother's brother or something like that.


Don’t forget about the time axis

It seems to happen more than I’d like as people get so excited, panicked and into a project that they forget that time, over weeks, months and years exists.

To put it another way they look at the Big Bang and humans exisiting on earth and miss the millions of years it took to occur. It’s not surprising and they are by no means stupid but when they don’t see that time axis they get really panicked and start to put things in the wrong order. Putting humans too close to the sun or just out in space with no oxygen if you will.

As they start to slow down and realise these things it’s no surprise that business goes better and better but it’s not an easy thing to fix and frankly it’s an eternal dilemma “is this the right thing to do now”.

Some of the most obvious symptoms of this scenario are: 

Wanting to tel the word everything you know

Putting marketing (AKA promotion) before sales

A to do list 5-10 times longer than what’s actually feasible

Irrational use of staff and asssitants

And exhaustion

if you’re suffering any of these things and need help then contact us. 

If you want to read more about how we start to solve it then use our feedback form and we might write some other articles abd build out this wiki for you.

Our Philosophy

At Dreamboat our philosophy is that rather than running out and trying to find "new clients" it's always better to focus on building a business around the ones you already have.

This holds true for many reasons, most notably that attracting new clients is always harder, requires more energy, more time, more money and is typically not focussing on the thing you're already great at.

Secondly trying to attract new clients, takes your attention away from the ones that are right there in front of you. If you lose focus on them, you run the risk of them being unhappy and even ceasing to work with you.

However if you turn your attention onto how to help them better you'll naturally figure out where the best "next clients are" or even better what the best & easiest way to increase your revenue is which may just be from helping the current clients more.

Not only does this strategy ensure that you relax and stay calm as you build your business but it ensures you stay totally unique and only differentiate yourself further as you go which is always a winning strategy.

The biggest twist that needs to occur is changing how you think about your current clients from just paying the bills to being part of your research and development program. Going to the extent of considering them part of your focus group as test subjects to help you build and refine your service is a helpful mindset to have. This is especially relevant if you keep getting distracted by shiny new "marketing" tools or other clients you've never actually worked for.

The low hanging fruit is going to be right where you left it!

Now this philosophy isn't entirely one of "no marketing ever at all" quite the contrary, but the issue is that more often than not people jump to promotion AKA marketing that is frankly unhinged and find it to be unsuccessful and expensive so the answer is to stay with our philosophy and build and grow from there.