Follow the scientific process

Frankly it shouldn't be that amazing to think we use the scientific process in our consulting but it's a notable and important part of our consulting practice.

The reason we make such a point of it is because it's such a reliable process in every way, that our clients and us can always agree on a path of action as a result of this being used.

By that I mean that when someone has made money via a certain path, obtained clients in a certain way, hired staff, whatever it might be before, or many times before we have to use that data and information to guide the path forward.

In a similar and yet probably more important way - when something hasn't worked and is continuing to not work then there is something that is going wrong repeatedly and while it might be challenging for our clients to make these changes it's important that they can understand the logic behind letting go and finding another way to achieve their goals.

Sure there is much more to the scientific process than just basic maths but for issues of probability and statistical reliability for which we use a combination of time, effort and results as a proxy for the reliability of the result but ultimately the process we use and the strictest version of the scientific process seem to be pretty similar.