Why you have to do something you love

I mean it's pretty lame to have to write this out but part of building this wiki is spitting out all the thoughts in my head!

So why you have to do it is because when you do you are playing an infinte game not a finite game. Finite games are effectively for money so when you hit the wall and the money runs out or the opportunity runs out... you're f'd. straight up you are.

Not only that but when you're playing an infinite game it's so easy to work, it's not even work, it's a love and your brain has most likely been researching all this stuff so you will always be far more successfull this way too.

So anyone playing finite games we don't have time for, unless they are happy to transform into an infinite game.

The other reason is that without working on something you are quite obsessed with there is no way, in a global world that you will be the best at it and your style.