Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants might be a great idea but they are only as good as the processes that you apply.

When businesses don't yet have revenue it is concerning that people have virtual assistants to help them do things - which clearly don't make money.

If the virtual assistant is easy to manage and the services they provide are creating money in the bank not just perceived value then it is a great thing. All to often this isn't the case though.

As with all processes if it's not critical to making money then it's not required and if there is not a clear link between the expense and the money in the bank then it's not required - simple as that.

For example when virtual assistants are hired to post in a million facebook groups or to send emails that don't convert and are hard to manage it's just not worth it and it's most likely chewing up your time and focus managing them - not to mention money rather than putting money in the bank! So don't be fooled.

Honestly my general rule is that if you need an assistant you should probably be able to hire someone here for a day or two a week BEFORE you consider one overseas. The reason I say that is because that's the state your business should achieve before you ACTUALLY need help doing things. If you think you need one before that I suggest that you are spending a whole heap of time on things that are not yet productive & profitable so analyse that first.