God know's that it's not easy running your own business - rattling around in that head of yours all day - sure doing the work is good but lets face it as you try and grow your business, as you have to analyse everything your doing in order to make it better it's not the easiest thing in the world. Infact it's probably one of the most challenging.

That's not to say it's without reward as we all know, every hurdle you overcome you, your business and your life become better - that's a no brainer.

Battling all your emotions on the rollercoaster that is business ownership is challenging - not least of which are the stresses and anxiety issues that occur when you have too much going on, when you lose confidence in yourself, when things aren't quite going to plan, when you feel crazy because other people are telling you, you must be to want to do that etc etc etc.

In this section on emotions we will cover all the emotions that you go through running your business how to handle them, how to understand them and what you can learn from them.

We use these every day in our own coaching service as we help people read their emotions, talk through them and ultimately improve as a result of them.