How to handle rejection

It's never easy when you are hoping to close a deal with a client and yet for some reason or another it falls through.

I guess - that language says it all - when you hope to close a deal.

What this language says is that you're still learning, still figuring out who your target market is and getting to know them and sometime refining your products or services to suit them.

As you progress this process will become clearer and clearer, who wants what and why, what they like to do and you will continue to evolve.

It's not easy rejection, it never is, especially if it's only you as a business. The thing to do if you don't want to take it personally is to understand that it's not about you the person its that the business isn't right for that person, yet. Like the space time continuum some people aren't early adopters but others will stick with you no matter what. And sometimes they aren't actually your target market. Like anything, like any form of rejection in hindsight it will become clear but for now there is a certain element of grief that will take place.

Just relax, learn and keep going - it will all work out if you work it out ;)