Marketing isn't just social media

Technically Marketing is about the four P's product, price, place promotion. If you don't believe me then just look at marketing on wikipedia.

That said, it's a battle too much to adjust vocabulary of most of the business world as these days marketing is just about getting your business out there.

The confusion that people often seem to miss and forget about is that marketing isn't just social media. It's not that I truly think that they think that but they all too often seem to focus on that so much that they miss all the other opportunities to get your business out there.

Most prominently is the mistake that while being great at social networking might happen that there is a real world too with real people and you can connect with them as well. 

The other massive mistake that people often make is worrying too much about the wrong area of the marketing funnel for example focussing on awareness when they have conversion issues closer to the point of sale. Or there are other opportunities that for them are far more important to them... i.e. that are lower hanging fruit for their business.

I guess in short that's why having a coach can help so you can see the forest through the trees.