So you want to sell your business at some point

Firstly, I'm just going to say no. No you don't.

What you're trying to say is I want to build something of value - sure. That's as simple as building an asset that creates profit not entirely based on you and your time. That I get.

I mean if you want to sell your business at any point then that is fine - totally fine - if the offer is right for you. Don't forget though that "exits" as they say isn't always the answer. I will remind you that even Mark Zuckerberg chose not to sell Facebook for $1bn because he thought that this was the best idea he was going to have and there was heaps more to go... So just consider and remember that.

So what should you be focussed on?

Honestly what you should be focussed on is profit, which is separate from your income / drawings from the business. The reason for this is that profit is the part that ultimately builds an asset of value without you. It might be a bit basic but the point is that the reason something has value as an asset is because it has a future value, in your companies case it's about the amount of profit the business generates into the future brought back to today. This is called the Net Present Value. While there are other things to consider that you largely cannot control such as is you're business in a "hot industry" right now, the NPV is the only thing you can think about to control so focus on making a profit and growing that profit and you'll not only make more money but build something you of great value.