At Dreamboat, and to Dreamboat, processes are the way we do things, they are as simple as habits to as complicated as software.

Processes are everywhere and guide how we organise ourselves, how we do work, how we achieve things, how we improve and how ultimately how we live.

Most prominently to our clients the processes of how we do work and how we manage our time impact our success so we spend a lot of time working with clients and working on how to do these things better.

While a process like a goal should ultimately be written down so it can be found in the future for the most part we help people find more efficient ways of doing things which is to us the most important and the most difficult part. We'll leave you to document your processes as you need. That's enough of a process for now ;)

Normally just the thought of processes is enough to put some people to sleep but we don't see it as drab and laborious, quite the opposite as ultimately processes provide structure which provide focus, relaxation, freedom and also success as a bi-product as well. So don't go to sleep and don't ignore this section of the website - get excited and get stuck right into it.