Knowing & refining your target market

Knowing your target market intimately is critical.

Some advice here is not to think about people in gererality but to think of them interms of a few key people, your best clients, the one you really like, the ones with the most potential, the ones who make you happiest. Finding more of Bob, Jane &Jim are the way to go. 

As your business grows, refining this target market is critical and engaging them in your business to help them define what it is, is very important.

This allows you to target them in every way, from your emails, to your website copy, to your networking and social networking. Speak to them, look for them, engage more of them. Keep going and going. 

This doesn't mean that you will miss the others but it does mean you increase the likely hood of catching more of your big fish. The tasty big fish. Without doing that you will be pissing in the dark and potentially into the wind as well.