Don't waste time creating things you don't have a ready made audience for

It's such a common common common mistake that I see in so many businesses. They spend time working on things that frankly just aren't where their business is at. For example, the most common one - digital courses when they have a perfectly good service business / service that actually puts money in the bank.

So much time and money is spent working through those digital courses but dear god it's just a killer of time. The problem being they have got stuck growing their service business so they have given up growing it and are looking for some other option to put money in the bank.

If it has worked once then it can work again and most likely will if you focus on it. For example a relationship counsellor who got her work referrer to her from lawyers but then went on to start working on courses (of which she hasn't even fully finished one) but is hoping to actually make it stick as a business when if she just went out and focussed on building a referral network of lawyers and as it turned out mediators that are lawyers or lawyers use, she would be absolutely killing it and did.