Don't cook yourself

Not cooking yourself is one of, if not the most important, elements of owning a business.

As a business owner of a growing business or frankly even a struggling business, it's all on you, how well it goes, how fast it grows is all on you but if you get cooked, if you get to the point where you are literally power napping during the day, if you're getting a caffeine addiction if you're running on the redline and planning on doing more and more you are going to cook yourself.

Probably the most memorable thing to remember here is that there is time... remember that there is an x axis on your business growth scale and not everything has to be done today and the less you do today actually the better off you will be (this of course is advice for people who are on the verge of cooking themselves - totally disregard if you are getting fat and lazy only). 

Remembering what should be done today and getting some help to work through what are the absolutely critical things to do and what isn't is almost certainly the way to go. It's really hard to objectively look at what is absolutely critical, what is totally realistic and what is just not going to be needed too.

For example on a recent call a client was worried about their upcoming marketing plan for 2018 and having enough time to do the plan, let alone having enough time, energy and resources to actually complete the plan properly. We are all eager to grow as is he but after working it through, talking about the issues and thinking through his business over the next 6-12 months, especially within the next 3-6 months the biggest issue was really about having a solid solid supply side rather than a lack of work or a need to drum up work out of nowhere.

While he does help people with their marketing they are completely different styles of businesses in a different phase and age of business, so don't cook yourself, remember the time axis and remember where your business is at in it's lifecycle too. 

As always if you need help - get some by contacting us.