It's not that you're no good at selling

I hear it all the time that "I'm no good at selling".

Honestly almost always - in fact always that's bullsh$%.

The reality isn't that you're bad at selling what you're talking about is a mix of two things:

1. Your perception of what selling is and 

2. That you probably aren't ready to sell yet.

Ultimately selling is about helping - let's never forget that. If you're uncomfortable selling then you're actually just not happy with what you are selling yet. If, as I expect you are the owner of the business you're in a luxurious position where you can change what you are selling, how you sell it and what you charge for it.

If the business is the right business for you then there's no doubt you find meaning in what you do and why you do it so you have to use that as a guide for how to sell. Obviously for more information on product and service development click here.