Why the owner always has to be the "principal" of the business

If the owner isn't the principal of the business then they are delegating too much.

This applies for product businesses as much as it does service businesses because ultimately any company is just an organisation of people so the owner must be the leader of those people and everything they do.

Being clear on what that organisation of people is going to be really really really good at for example - being a lawyer, being engineers, being coaches, being retailers, being promoters, being healers, whatever that thing is it's critical that is lead directly by the owner.

If the owner sees themselves as a business owner and not the principal then they are most likely letting down the quality of the business, which impacts on the brand. they are also very likely wasting resources.

Worse still they are not really making it unique in it's skills and processes which is the most important key to success. It is not just up to us as coaches to make it work we can only help people scale themselves by providing a logical/rational/objective sounding board. If people / owners of businesses have removed themselves mentally from the doing of the work and expect us to make it grow they are sorely mistaken. At that point its most likely that looking at the dollars and cents of the business and the time / hours taken up by all staff will very quickly solve the problem