What is meeting foreplay

Be it a sales call - be it a meeting with a staff member or a potential partner ensuring that everyone is on the same page when it comes to having the conversation / meeting always produces better results.

Just like any relationship with anyone it's always easy to assume that both parties are on the same page... until you start talking and realise you're not...

When it comes to business, especially when you've made a decision (probably with the exception of letting someone go) it's so important to set some sort of agenda - even if it's only what you want to talk to them about you’ll:

No-one is blindsided

Ideally they get a little time to think about it prior for more expedient progress in the meeting

Time in general is saved (even if that means the meeting doesn't happen)

For the initial Youtube I made on this please watch below. It should help you think about your own situation as you watch and think about this in your own scenarios.

All to often I talk with people who are setting up meetings with somewhat unsuspecting partners. Sometimes off the back of a few coffees, sometimes with staff, sometimes with should be clients. When your agenda has changed and you know what you want there's nothing better than to give them an indication of where you're at and what you want to discuss in that meeting ahead of time.