Your supply side is your biggest issue

It happens all the time that people get so constipated with either busy work doing marketing or just plain confusion that they can't get the work done that they want to do.

From where we look at it - this mostly occurs thanks to people being too generous with their time, not scheduling out the time to do the work or not being "on point" enough with their products and services to what they client actually wants from them.

When our clients are giving away too much time - "helping others", "doing charity work", "just looking out for them" it not only impacts how they value their time but also impacts thier capacity to do real meaningful work... that either pays the bills or at the very least creates revenue which is the sign of a successful business & person (all too often that seems to be ignored).

Another classic manifestation of this issue is looking at people who fill their diary up with stuff leaving very little room for the real work, or even the space with work. Sometimes this is the case, other times it's just about having so much time allocated to the work they don't actually want or need to be doing it's impossible to see how to fit in more which actually causes the biggest problems issue is just looking at people 

even "building a big course" or some big idea that's years away, they are clogging up their supply side so much that they can't actually build the business that they really want to.

The other supply side issue comes f manifestation of this It kills me to see when people