Don’t forget about the time axis

It seems to happen more than I’d like as people get so excited, panicked and into a project that they forget that time, over weeks, months and years exists.

To put it another way they look at the Big Bang and humans exisiting on earth and miss the millions of years it took to occur. It’s not surprising and they are by no means stupid but when they don’t see that time axis they get really panicked and start to put things in the wrong order. Putting humans too close to the sun or just out in space with no oxygen if you will.

As they start to slow down and realise these things it’s no surprise that business goes better and better but it’s not an easy thing to fix and frankly it’s an eternal dilemma “is this the right thing to do now”.

Some of the most obvious symptoms of this scenario are: 

Wanting to tel the word everything you know

Putting marketing (AKA promotion) before sales

A to do list 5-10 times longer than what’s actually feasible

Irrational use of staff and asssitants

And exhaustion

if you’re suffering any of these things and need help then contact us. 

If you want to read more about how we start to solve it then use our feedback form and we might write some other articles abd build out this wiki for you.