Our Philosophy

At Dreamboat our philosophy is that rather than running out and trying to find "new clients" it's always better to focus on building a business around the ones you already have.

This holds true for many reasons, most notably that attracting new clients is always harder, requires more energy, more time, more money and is typically not focussing on the thing you're already great at.

Secondly trying to attract new clients, takes your attention away from the ones that are right there in front of you. If you lose focus on them, you run the risk of them being unhappy and even ceasing to work with you.

However if you turn your attention onto how to help them better you'll naturally figure out where the best "next clients are" or even better what the best & easiest way to increase your revenue is which may just be from helping the current clients more.

Not only does this strategy ensure that you relax and stay calm as you build your business but it ensures you stay totally unique and only differentiate yourself further as you go which is always a winning strategy.

The biggest twist that needs to occur is changing how you think about your current clients from just paying the bills to being part of your research and development program. Going to the extent of considering them part of your focus group as test subjects to help you build and refine your service is a helpful mindset to have. This is especially relevant if you keep getting distracted by shiny new "marketing" tools or other clients you've never actually worked for.

The low hanging fruit is going to be right where you left it!

Now this philosophy isn't entirely one of "no marketing ever at all" quite the contrary, but the issue is that more often than not people jump to promotion AKA marketing that is frankly unhinged and find it to be unsuccessful and expensive so the answer is to stay with our philosophy and build and grow from there.