Getting back to basics

It's not uncommon for people to build businesses that are way outside their core competencies and I know that at Dreamboat we go on about this a bit too much but the other thing that people do all too often is building businesses outside and too far away from their core processes.

Typically with small business this comes back to a process that takes their ideal client and produces great results, the best results but all too often people end up doing all sorts of work, for not ideal clients doing their not ideal process and what happens is either a total mess or at the very least a point of serious stagnation.

One great way to progress from there is to complete an exercise to review "if you were to start afresh today what would your business look like, how would it operate and what would you be doing in it." Sure it might sound like a bit of dreaming but the point is to figure out what you want to transition your business of today into over the coming months.

It's similar to a "management restructuring" process that Bain, BCG or some other management consultants would apply maybe even those slobs as McKinsey ;) but you are capable of completing that yourself almost for yourself with a bit of help.

Don't expect that process to happen overnight, not even in the initial "ideal business scenario" done properly it should take a few weeks, a few drafts and some helpful editing to ensure it's as clear as possible. But as you find that clarity you will literally start to see it transform into the business you desire which is the point right!

So what are you waiting for - get into it, get someone great to help you review it that does it every day wink wink nudge nudge and as they say Robert will be your mother's brother or something like that.