Why us

Honestly we believe that there is no better business coaching service out there for people running their own show.

First and foremost to get such personalised service with one-to-one help on a weekly basis at this price point is impossible. And while you might think well you get what you pay for... We don't believe it to be so.

Our experience dealing with so many of the same situations each and every day is almost unparalleled - we see the same patterns time and time again so rather than struggling alone we'll help you out faster than you can alone.

Our systems and processes are also a major strength so while it might seem like we are just chatting away drinking cocktails on the phone we are vigorously taking notes and managing your unique situation as best as we can.

Our friendly staff are human too - they aren't here to be all serious business corporate vice presidents of photocopying, they are here to make the process of improving as human and enjoyable as possible.

And finally there is the finances. It's as simple as use as as you need when you need. The faster you want to improve the more you use us. It's as simple as that, no "bait and switch", no "locked in contracts", no "hype" it's as simple as if it's helping keep going - and that's just how we like it.