Let's face it this is what it all comes down to - where the rubber meets the road as they say.

Why is it that so many people struggle to sell then?

All too often sales is thought of as some sort of Wolf of Wall St, hustler, pressure selling, turning a cold call into selling on the spot but it's just not a problem and it's not how it's done, so relax.

As the owner of a business you need to be able to comfortable with what you are selling and the process with which you sell if your business is ever going to work.

Clearly we can help with this but the point is to make sure you are comfortable with it and when you are not, figuring out a way to make you comfortable with it.

Ultimately unless you are Jordan Belfort - all you have to remember in selling is that you are helping people and not "taking them to the cleaners" so if you feel like you are it's probably because you haven't quite got the right process, product or service for that point in the sales process / customer journey, that being said it's not impossible to fix that at all but you just need a little help.