How to use the Dreamboat wiki

As part of our mission - Dreamboat provides to the world a "choose your own adventure style" wiki so that you can help yourself as much as possible and when you need to you can come and talk to us.

The "choose your own adventure" part of this wiki - refers to the way that it's our intention to have links flowing from page to page so that you can help deal with your own issues and manage yourself as best as is humanly possible.

That said you should come and talk to us because it's always a better result when you let us diagnose your problems for you.... We all know what happens when you start looking up "that itch" on the internet - all of a sudden you're dying or you have a million other issues.

We see the same patterns and help similar people just like you every day - so don't hold yourself back - expedite your growth today.

In terms of how the wiki is built - it's all about links and common threads, so please use those.

The wiki is also a work in progress so you may come across broken links and "click here's" that don't yet work. If you want them to or find problems then please tell us - using the feedback form here.

The more we can build it to help you the better off everyone will be.