The art of goal setting

The art of goal setting for small business owners is just that an art.

So often done wrong,

So often opportunity missed,

So often businesses troubled because their owners are.

The hardest thing about goal setting is the balancing act from so many angles:

What's realistic vs what's exciting.

What's possible vs what the trend has been.

What's a stretch vs what is the trend.

What to achieve when.

What matters to the owner, $$, people, clients.

How to balance & prioritise all of them.

All too often people fixate on ONE single goal - the peak of Mount Everest if you will, but they disregard all the work that you need to get there. This is true for 6 month goals or lifetime goals.

So what are you waiting for - get some help - tell us all your goals in the form below and we'll get to work in your next session.