The consultant's dilemma

So you're good at what you do - there's no doubt about that - apart from the fact that there is.

It's not unusual and it's almost required that as a consultant or a service provider you're always trying to get better and better at what you do. It's very easy to start to think that you don't know anything as you consume more and more information and start to realise all that there is to know.

In no-time flat you can be out of your depth and out of your comfort zone. Frankly it's crazy talk - everyone says you need to be brave in business - but all you need to do is stick to what you're great at.

As a consultant it's also easy to start to think that your clients need you to know "everything" when most of the time all they need is simple reliable help to apply some of what you already know to their particular situation.

All the time I see consultants who are so overwhelmed trying to learn more and do things that are very complex when all they need to do is work out what they are actually doing to help their clients and roll with that - helping their clients, and helping more of them.

As these consultants start to turn around their focus to helping their clients more and learning how to help their clients better we get to start to tackle the actual consultant's dilemma - how to get more work while you're doing the work already.

While it's easier said than done if you can stop doing "all" the work that's out there and start to target the work that allows you to build a great business you'll be killing it.