You have to be talking to your clients

It happens more than I would like to admit that our clients find themselves in a situation where they can't "connect" with their audience to sell to them to engage with them and ultimately to help them.

Let me make it clear that not all of this is our fault, in-fact it is really not anyone's fault but it occurs because "there is so much else to do" when in actual fact connecting with your audience/target market is all that there is to do.

Helping these people is how you make money, but when people get overwhelmed, when they lose their confidence and when they aren't quite sure how to achieve everything they wanted to achieve they often disconnect from their audience which only makes things worse.

To start with it's normally about calling people and seeing how you can help them. Further to that it's about scaling your message which is typically done digitally.

Ultimately you have to remember that your brand is a reflection of you and it's your business so while not everything you touch has to be you "talking to your customers" the more it represents you the better.