The imposter test

Imposter syndrome impacts us all on some level. To see what - if any - impact it's having on you - take the test.

As with all Dreamboat tests - you can discuss with your current coach - or if you are new to Dreamboat we'll set up a free consult to discuss your results.

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Tell us how you agree or disagree to the following statements
I regularly compare myself to others in the industry
I often help people for free that I shouldn't be
I am totally comfortable in telling others I'm great at what I do
I know my niche, my target market and my value intimately
Sometimes I can barely sell myself
I think that I need to keep learning heaps more before I can "make it"
I never look at "competitors"
I'm working on a "big project" that will come to fruition in a few years
I'm charging plenty of money for my service
My service is very focussed
My service covers things outside my comfort zone
I'm having trouble attracting the right staff
I might be overcomplicating things more than my clients need
I would prefer others to do the work rather than me
I don't believe that I suffer from imposter syndrome